Learning how to talk around a word you can't remember can save you in a presentation! The more practice you get the better you will get at it.
Here is some grammar you can use to do so:

It's like/similar to: Bavarian food is similar to Austrian food. French food isn't like Chinese food (they are different from each other)
As...As (when comparing two similar things): Czech beer is as good as German beer. American beer isn't as good as Belgian beer (Belgian beer is better).

Comparisons and Superlatives:

1 syllable: big, small, tall, short
...er than/the ...est)
An elephant is bigger than a mouse. The cheetah is the fastest animal.

2 syllables ending in 'y': happy, lucky, ugly, pretty
y --> i, ...er than/the...est
A forest is prettier than a city. Greece has the prettiest beaches I've seen.

Everything else: famous, expensive, comfortable
more...than/the most or less than/the least
A Jaguar is more expensive than an Audi, The most expensive car is the Maybach.

A good way to practice these is: Once a week, pick three of something (professors, classes, cities, whatever is on your mind at the time) and write comparisons for one minute. Don't worry about mistakes and don't correct your writing. Just write freely in that time. If you choose to do this, bring them into class and I'll correct them for you!